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Gaia Sweets is a small Vegan and Gluten Free cake business in Perth, WA -  all natural, healthy & delicious cakes & treats made from scratch! Mouth-watering flavours include 'Dark Chocolate and Raspberry', 'Chocolate Bliss' and 'Mango & Coconut Dream'. Everything is vegan (dairy & egg free), gluten free & refined sugar-free!

'Picnic' Cheesecake

'Picnic' Cheesecake

from 60.00

Decadent combination of chocolate, caramel and peanuts, with a hidden caramel centre! Decorated with cashew 'buttercream', bliss balls, chocolates, seasonal berries/fruit and edible flowers.

Note: The 'Picnic' cheesecake is slightly deeper than the other flavours, and thus has more servings.

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