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Stress (Part 2) - Releasing Everyday Anxiety & Stress

In reality, even when you are trying your very best to live a life that is in line with your dreams and your heart, there may still be times where you get stressed out. I can definitely own up to that! Included in this post are some strategies that I have found useful for everyday stress & anxiety. I’ve divided them into Physical, Mental and Spiritual techniques to make things clearer. I hope they help!

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Stress (Part 1) - Strategies for Releasing Anxiety & Stress

Anxiety in day-to-day life can really be debilitating. We all have tolerance levels for different aspects of our lives – whether that be a threshold for stress, social interaction, or family responsibilities etc. EVERYBODY deals with life pressures differently, and it is important not to judge yourself based on your on your personal tolerance levels.

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Easy Ways To Say Goodbye To Plastic

Welcome to my new blog! I’ve been unsure of delving into the ‘blogging’ world, but today it seemed like a fun idea so here we are! This blog will be all about how to live a life that is in tune with you and the environment - ways to be happier, deal with stress, yummy healthy vegan recipes, and today’s topic about how to expel plastic from our lives.

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